How to write hyper-personalized ice-breakers in B2B?

Avoid something like "My name is X and I work for Y".

Your email signature already gives that information.

Try to get your prospects’ attention by asking them a question or complimenting them instead. Compliments have an exceptional power to engage right away from the first line of your message. We tend to connect with those who singled us out from the crowd and noted our merits, our successes, or something else distinct about us.

5 rules for creating a compliment based on a Linkedin profile that hits right on target:


Think of it as, “a compliment brings a smile to your face whereas, after flattering words, you would want to wash yourself.” It’s the absence of facts that makes the compliment unconvincing or turns it into banal flattery. Find facts about your prospect and make the complimentary part of the statement as brief as possible.

Example: I am impressed that you speak both English and Portuguese and were recently honoured with the NetSuite SuiteApp of the Year award.


Don’t squeeze it out through your teeth. Train yourself to find in all the people you meet online and offline a feature worthy of complimenting.

Example: It’s so cool that you were in “Women in Travel”. How was it?


There are statements that are pleasing to everyone. But only by being specific can you make a strong, personal compliment.

Example: It’s so cool that you are an alumnus of a world-class institution like the University of Oxford. I have several business contacts from that university.


“You have reached great heights in your career” is a so-so compliment. One would need to be an authority to have the right to evaluate someone like that, and prospects are not ready to accept assessments from everyone. Just express your personal attitude.

Example: I see you took a Center for Creative Leadership course. I’ve been thinking of taking this myself. Bet it comes in handy.


You can quote an article you’ve found about the company, but to make it more personal, you can quote certifications on their Linkedin profile.

Example: Impressed to see you have Conversational Marketing Certification.


Your goal, first and foremost, is to connect with your potential customer, not sell your product/service right away.

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